Dog Bites



In the State of California, the legislature has determined that a dog owner is strictly liable when his or her dog bites another person in an animal attack, with the few def
enses available listed here. This means there is no requirement that the dog had to be known as “dangerous” by the owner in order for the owner to be made to pay up for the bodily and emotional harm caused by the animal.
In order to recover money, you must first prove:

  1. That the victim was not a trespasser
  2. Who owns or controls the dog.
  3. Victim suffered an injury, for which monetary compensation may be awarded.

There are steps you should take after being bitten
by a dog.

  • You should seek immediate medical attention for your injury.
  • If safe, you should attempt to take a quick photograph of the dog for later identification.
  • Attempt to learn the name and address of the dog’s owner or caretaker.
  • Contact the local animal control office and/or police department to report the attack.
  • Attempt to obtain the dog’s license tag information to ascertain if it has the required rabies and other inoculations.

If you sustained an injury, and if medical treatment is not provided through your health insurance, our firm is prepared to arrange any required medical treatment by our network of participating physicians and hospitals. AghabiLaw will help you recover via either, the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, animal, or even if the owner has no insurance. If you’ve been bit by a dog, or know of someone who has and needs legal advice, please call (800) 454-8454 to speak to an attorney for free.

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